Trucking Demand and Price per Mile Reach Multi-Year High

“If you ship goods domestically, you probably already know that both demand and pricing in the freight market have been increasing over the last several months, mirroring the growth of the US economy. According to online freight marketplace DAT Solutions, the national van spot rate reached $2.30 per mile for the week ending Jan. 6, setting a new record high. Regionally prices are also hitting record highs, impacted by numerous factors, including weather, and the mixed-rollout of mandated regulatory technology.

You may have seen recent news coverage like the video above or this recent article in the Wall Street Journal, which speak primarily to the price implications of these market forces. We at Capital Logistics are also working hard to help our clients deal with a marketplace instability.

“We have found ourselves to be very well positioned to ride out these fluctuations in the marketplace” shared Greg Ackner, Capital Logistics VP of Sales. “The strength of our relationships with our carriers, and the pipeline that we’ve developed, allows us bring a bit of stability into lane pricing, and even more importantly, it allows us to maintain service quality.”

“Price is only one of the variables in flux in the freight marketplace. The level of service that shippers experience can also become less reliable when demand spikes this high. Price is only one factor to consider, there’s also the timeliness of your load, condition, temperature, and a host of other variables.” Related Jeff Gerson, Capital Logistics CEO. “We are leveraging the relationships we’ve built with our carrier base not only to reign in prices to the extent possible, but more importantly, to ensue that our clients are still getting industry leading service, all the way to the point of delivery.”

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