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Capital Logistics supports the hard working women of the logistics field. We believe strongly that the gender diversity of our workforce adds to the skillset and effectiveness of the human resources that are the drivers (no pun intended, well maybe) that power our industry. Capital Logistics has been a dues-paying member of the Women In Trucking Association for years. Women in Trucking is a non-profit organization whose mission is encouraging the employment of women in, minimize obstacles for, and promote accomplishments of women in the trucking and logistics industry.

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We recognize the challenges faced by women in this industry as well as the opportunities for growth. In a traditionally male-dominated field, female drivers make up only about 7% of the industry today. There is a real need to recruit more women into the field of logistics, trucking and supply chain management, and to pave the way for women to occupy more leadership positions within the industry. As the trucking industry faces a shortage of drivers to meet increasing demands, the need for qualified and skilled hires is ever increasing.

At Capital Logisitcs, we want to recognize and support the women on our team, Abby Roth is one such woman. Abby has played several key roles at Capital Logistics during her tenure here. She has been a powerful sales manager, and she is currently tasked with the huge responsibility of leading Carrier Relations for Capital. In her several roles, Abby has been an essential contributor to the company’s growth over the last several years. As Capital Logistics CEO Jeff Gerson states, “Abby is a valuable member of our team, her problem solving and critical thinking, and her ability to jump into the shoes of a client, or a carrier, or another solution provided has made her an outstanding contributor.”


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