TPS: Supply chain ‘not capable’ of meeting current demand

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Check out this recent article published on Trucks, Parts, Service. As business operations resume there is a growing need in the supply chain not only for raw materials and goods but for logistics and shipping. As a full service logistics provider, we navigate the challenges faced in the current climate with the goal of providing the most reliable service in the industry.

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Thursday, April 22, 2021 – The Heavy Duty Manufacturers Association’s (HDMA) preliminary April results from its Pulse survey indicate supply chain problems continue to proliferate domestically and abroad. The webinar held Wednesday also included Pulse survey results regarding COVID-19.

“The supply chain problems aren’t just in terms of materials or goods, there are massive problems with finding logistics and shipping. Suppliers are reporting meeting 74 percent of OE demand over the month and 72 percent of their aftermarket demand,” said Richard Anderson, HDMA director, market research and analysis.

“So, looking at record high demand levels, what we are seeing from our membership is that the supply chain of which they are a part is not capable of meeting those demand levels,” Anderson added.

In the Pulse survey respondents were asked for their top three challenges to restarting normal business operations. Unsurprisingly, the top concern at 38 percent is procurement of raw material and semi-finished goods, followed by inbound/outbound shipper availability and cost (24 percent), labor force readiness and availability (22 percent) and accuracy of production and demand forecasts (15 percent).

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