Cold Chain Integrity Has Never Been More Important

Capital Logistics LLC has garnered several accolades in 2020, extolling their high-degree of service execution, as well as their market leadership and sustained growth. Capital Logistics’ CEO credits the remarkable efforts of his team, and their pre and post-COVID
Transporting vaccine from freezer

Cold Chain logistics has become a hot topic in a very short time, catapulted into mainstream conversations by the COVID-19 vaccines currently approved for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration, developed by companies such as Pfizer and Moderna.

Both of these proposed treatments to prevent COVID-19 are of a new breed of vaccine, which utilize messenger RNA (or mRNA) to encourage the body to produce antibodies to fight off disease. Because of the fragility of mRNA, and the potential for mRNA to breakdown, both vaccines need to be kept frozen at temperatures well below zero degrees Celsius. The Moderna vaccine can be kept at 20 degrees below zero Celsius, while the Pfizer vaccine in particular poses new challenges to cold chain professionals, requiring uniquely cold temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius be maintained to ensure the mRNA remains viable.

While these machinations about cold chain logistics, integrity and transparency are suddenly in the spotlight, these are subjects that we have concerned ourselves with for over a decade. In the case of COVID-19 vaccines, the stakes couldn’t be higher, but for businesses in industries as diverse as dairy and produce, to beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, cold chain logistics has always been mission-critical.

Capital Logistics has built its service promise on a commitment to reliable, transparent, timely and adaptive service. Our extensive expertise in temperature-controlled transportation has allowed us to form long lasting and loyal partnerships with our customers as well as our carriers and vendor partners.

Our award-winning team of logistics professionals have problem solving in their DNA. Whether you are looking to find a more reliable carrier, need to expand your logistics reach into new areas, or in need of serious problem solving assistance for a unique challenge, we are your one-stop shop for cold chain logistics.

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