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Hiring for virtually all roles in the logistics space is fiercely competitive. While all eyes are on the infamous driver shortage, recruiting and retaining top-notch brokerage employees is no easy task either. Creating a workplace that is equally attractive to new recruits and seasoned employees is essential to securing experienced industry talent and building a standout operation.

“Companies are competing to get people with meaningful experience. Planning for the kind of growth Capital has sustained for the past several years, means making our hiring and retention practices a strategic priority,” shared Capital Logistics Vice President Greg Ackner.

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The coronavirus pandemic upended the logistics industry in more ways than one. For third-party logistics providers like Capital, it meant taking a collaborative workforce and making it work in a remote environment. Some companies struggled to survive this shift, while others managed to thrive.

Capital was actually very well positioned prior to the COVID lockdown, and it’s allowed us to make progress where others had to make more sweeping changes. As a broker, we’ve always needed to rely on technology and proactive communications across teams to be highly effective,” relayed Christopher Kelly, Capital Logistics newly appointed VP of Strategic Planning. “While we previously had a more centralized workforce, with office locations in three states, today we have employees working in a dozen different states across North America.

While the company faced some growing pains during the beginning of the pandemic, the realization that brokers can work remotely without compromising productivity has actually benefited Capital’s culture in the long run. Now that companies across the nation are welcoming employees back to their buildings, Capital has embraced a hybrid model that allows employees to reap the benefits of both work-from-home flexibility and in-person collaboration.

“We are constantly looking over our perks and identifying where we can add more benefits,” said Amanda Samlal, Capital Logistics human resources manager. “We operate on a hybrid model, with employees working from home some days and coming into the office others. We also provide flexibility within that model.”

Samlal attributes this commitment to creating a positive work environment for Capital’s rapid growth. Despite competition in the market, the company has continued to expand its workforce — including several highly-experienced hires — over the past few months. The company also excels at retention, making it clear that efforts such as midyear bonuses and flexible work locations are paying off.


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Ultimately, however, the types of perks and benefits employees value will differ across various workplaces. While pretty much everyone appreciates a raise, preferences like work schedules and leadership structure can vary widely. That is where honest communication between recruiters and prospective employees comes into play. One of the most effective means of reducing turnover is ensuring employees know what to expect before they are hired.

“We’re honest. We don’t sugarcoat what we do for a living,” Ackner said. “We try our hardest to hire people who can make decisions and take initiative, people who can handle autonomy.”

The company aims to hire talented people whose idea of the perfect workplace aligns with their relaxed and hardworking culture. Capital values productivity while embracing camaraderie and eliminating antiquated reporting structures that limit communication within the organization.

This approach seems to have worked. As Capital has grown, the company has proved its ability to meet the needs of some of the largest and most respected shippers in the world. The full-service provider offers around-the clock customer service, unparalleled visibility and competitive rates that excite customers and carriers alike.

Capital boasts many accolades and awards. The company has been recognized as a Food Logistics 2021 Top Green Provider and Target Corp. Best Overall Provider for First Mile Food and Beverage. It also made the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing private companies in both 2020 and 2021.

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