North American Temperature Controlled Specialists



Capital Logistics specializes in refrigerated truckload services.


Maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, our rail logistics services offer versatile solutions for transporting large freight volumes to destinations nationwide.


Our intermodal services offer cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions, leveraging rail and other modes of transport to reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions, and ensure reliable delivery.

Less than Truckload

Efficient and economical, our LTL services cater to businesses with smaller freight needs, ensuring dependable delivery across the country.



Specializing in refrigerated logistics, we maintain optimal freshness every step of the way.

Meat & Fish

Whether it’s beef, fish, or poultry, our refrigerated logistics guarantee optimal freshness and safety throughout transport


We ensure the safe transport of your dairy products, including cheeses, yogurts, and milk, maintaining their quality.


Refrigerated transportation ensures flowers maintain peak freshness during transit, reaching your business in prime condition.

We Support International Services for Worldwide Shippers

You can be confident that with Capital Logistics you have a reliable and knowledgeable partner – every shipment, every mile, every day.

Capital Logistics
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